Details About the Hijacking of Health

More About How Your Health Got Hijacked

The majority of the food industry is like the tobacco industry on steroids. Its behemoth profits are amassed through flooding the public with illness-producing fake foods. How do they get us to eat massive quantities of these products? Through creating low-cost high-illness food and then conducting expertly engineered ad campaigns that manufacture our consent to make ourselves and our children sick.

Who funds the illness production industry to make you ill? We do. You and me. Through what we eat. And through the taxes we pay that fund government agricultural subsidies for the illness production industry. And through the taxes pay for the food stamps the poor use to buy illness-creating foods. Isn’t that peachy? We pay to get the poor ill so we can then pay for their government assistance to cover their illness costs.

We have paid good money for decades for the privilege of eating our way into illness. What’s our reward? That’s right: we then get to pay good money to keep our symptoms at bay. Often for the rest of our life.

The engineering of consent has turned us into an illness food nation and quick ‘fix’ patients:

  • The illness production industry is making massive amounts of money creating more sick people than ever.
  • The symptom management industry makes its profits helping sick people control their symptoms. They do this through selling over-the-counter drugs, prescription pharmaceuticals, diagnostic devices, surgical aids, and medical devices.
  • There is more money in creating chronic patients than in getting people well through treating root causes.

Imagine how much lower your health care costs would be if you didn’t support businesses that get you ill in the first place. Imagine how much lower your health insurance premiums would be if you repaired the root causes that made you susceptible to becoming ill.

An Example of Health Hijacking Through Fake Foods: This Includes You

Here is just one example of the illness production industry at work in your life. Watch the video. The first part shows you the problem this video reveals. The second part gives you real life recommendations for what to do. The final part reveals parties that benefit from this hijacking who you might not have considered. If you’re truly committed to taking back your health from the health hijackers, this education is well worth 90 minutes of your life. After you finish the video, consider taking at least the one high-leverage action I describe beneath this video.

This video has revealed one particularly powerful strategy for taking back your power from the health hijackers. Start by just doing one thing: eliminate fructose, and especially high fructose corn syrup, from your diet. This means most soft drinks, candy bars, and many more additional fake foods than you ever imagined. Just take a moment to read the ingredients before you buy!

Remember: this is just one example of how the health hijackers use fake foods that produce illness to make profits, and how the U.S. Food & Drug Administration supports them in doing this. I’ll add more examples in the future.

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The Four Dimensions of Health Reform

Illness Prevention Includes…

  • Environmental health (air, water, etc.)
  • Food health
  • Exercise health
  • Sleep health
  • Energy system health
  • Stress management

Optimal Health Includes…

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Internal quiet practices (meditation, prayer, etc.)
  • Health-supporting (nourishing) relationships
  • Work-life balance and passion
  • Cleaning up past baggage

Health Restoration Includes…

  • Healing approaches that intervene with issues at the level of root cause

Disease Management Includes…

  • Emergency services
  • Most pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries

Guess which of these four dimensions has been getting the most attention and the most funding?
You got it: Disease Management..