The Hijacking of Health

THE LIE That Hijacked Your Health

Health is symptom control.

  • Here’s the complete version of the lie: If you’re not sick you must be healthy. Sure, you should get some exercise, enough sleep and eat well (whatever THAT means!) but really, don’t worry much about your health until after you’ve become ill. Oh, and when you do become ill, symptom control is your best solution.
  • This is a faulty health formula. Consider who benefits from you believing this lie.

WHO BENEFITS From You Believing the Health Lie

Question #1: Who most stands to gain from you ignoring your health until after you have become ill?
Question #2: Who most stands to gain from you trying to control your symptoms when you become ill instead of healing the root causes of those symptoms?
Answers: Two industries stand the most to gain at your expense: the illness-creation industry and the symptom control industry.

  • The illness creation industry makes massive amounts of money creating more sick people than ever by getting them to consume massive quantities of fake foods. Foods become fake through health-compromising growing methods, additives and processing methods. Far more foods are fake today than you probably realized. The illness production industry is far more invested in making sure that people remain in a state of nutritional illiteracy than you might imagine.

  • The symptom control industry makes its profits helping sick people manage their symptoms instead of heal their causes. They do this through over-selling over-the-counter drugs, prescription pharmaceuticals, diagnostic devices, surgical aids, and medical devices. Most of these resources can be incredibly helpful when used wisely. When they are used in place of health restoration resources they drive up the cost of health care astronomically and unnecessarily. These resources are vastly over-used because this is highly profitable for them, not because this serves your health.

Cartoon portraying why the symptom-control industry is contrary to sustainable health

The wrong kind of business is booming!

To find out more about the illness creation (e.g., fake foods) and symptom management industries, click here.

For an example of how the manufacturing of consent has been used to get you to buy the health lie, click here.

THE TRUTH About Health

Self-responsible self-care keeps you healthy.

  • Becoming self-responsible for your health means becoming your own health reform plan. Being your own health reform plan means:
    • Knowing how to not get ill in the first place
    • When you do get ill, knowing the right resources to help you find the cause of your illness and fix that rather than merely focusing on controlling the symptoms.
  • Sustainably healthy people focus their attention on illness prevention and optimal health. This is because this is far simpler, less expensive, and more fun than health restoration. Or, heaven forbid, illness management.
  • Those are the four real dimensions of health reform: Illness Prevention, Optimal Health, Health Restoration, and Illness Management.
  • The first three of these are the three pillars of sustainable health. The fourth one is where the vast majority of “health” related money is spent: illness management. That’s backward from what it needs to be because illness management mostly focuses on symptom control rather than health restoration.

Self-responsible self-care presents a problem to certain businesses. Sustainable health makes citizens less dependent on the food processing industry and on conventional symptom-control-oriented methods and practitioners. It inclines people to spend less money on fake food than illness promoting food manufacturers want them to spend. It results in people spending less money on symptom management resources than the pharmaceutical, medical device and medical diagnostics industries want them to spend. In other words, sustainable health is great for you, but it’s not so great for a huge portion of the food and medical industries. At least that’s how it might initially seem to them. They couldn’t be more wrong in the long run.

Click for the impact of health lies and truths on individuals, businesses, and leaders during the second decade of the 21st century.

CHANGING THE GAME: How to Take Your Health Back
(Or, how to help your clients/students take back their health)

Get Wise About How Your Health Has Been Hijacked by the Fake Food and Symptom Control Industries

Become Your Own Health Reform Plan

“Our bodies have a remarkable ability to begin healing themselves if we simply stop doing what’s causing the problem.” Dean Ornish, MD

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