The Hijacking of Happiness

THE LIE That Hijacked Your Happiness

Excessive consumerism creates happiness.

  • The person with the most purchasing power and the most lavish lifestyle is the happiest.
  • Excessive consumerism is a faulty happiness formula. It has hijacked our happiness, health, prosperity, patriotism, and problem-solving as a society.
  • This faulty happiness formula is the reason the United States isn’t in the world’s top ten countries in Gross National Happiness.

WHO BENEFITS From You Believing the Happiness Lie

Question: Who most stands to gain from you believing that consumerism is the secret to your happiness?
Answer: The business world and the government, but not you. (To find out why click here.)

For an example of how the manufacturing of consent has been used to get you to buy the happiness lie, click here.

THE TRUTH About Happiness

Happiness is living in integrity with the inborn core drives we all have for authenticity, connection and impact.

  • Authenticity means being who you truly are.
  • Connection means enjoying nourishing relationships with others.
  • Impact means having a positive influence on the world around you.

This is 3D Happiness. Sustainably happy people have resilient happiness because they live their lives aligned with these three core drives. This alignment also makes them more self-responsible and socially responsible than other people.

Sustainably happy people present most businesses and politicians with a huge problem. Sustainable happiness makes citizens less dependent on government. It inclines people to spend less money than businesses want them to spend. In other words, sustainable happiness is great for you, but it’s not so great for government or the business world. At least that’s what many in business and government think. They could not be more wrong.

Click for predictions about the people who will be the happiest, the business that will be the most profitable, and the leaders who will have the most support, during the second decade of the 21st century.

CHANGING THE GAME: How to Take Your Happiness Back
(Or, how to help your clients/students take back their happiness)

Taking back your happiness is the basic building block for taking back your health, prosperity, patriotism and problem-solving skills. The key to taking back your happiness is to express all three of your core drives every day in an aligned way so they don’t compete against each other.

  • Notice how easily you ignore one or more of your drives when you pursue the faulty happiness formula.
  • Notice how often honoring one core drive seems to conflict with honoring the other two when you pursue the faulty happiness formula.
  • Upgrade your sustainable happiness (3D Happiness) by learning how to honor all three of your core drives without them competing against each other. The resources in the “Take Your Next Step” section below will show you how.
  • Read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

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Take Your Next Step

Sustainable happiness is a learnable skill.

Only one book shows you how to create sustainable happiness without sacrificing integrity or social responsibility. It is the world’s only soup-to-nuts guide to developing the foundational skills you need to take back your power from the hijackers of happiness, health, prosperity, patriotism, and problem-solving.

This book has won six awards. In a more diverse range of categories than perhaps any other book in history:

  • Current Events in Politics & Society
  • Social Change
  • Conscious Business & Leadership
  • Health & Wellness
  • Self-Help
  • Meta-psychology.

This is why this is the book you have been waiting for. It is called “The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World.” Its companion workbook guides you step-by-step in customizing what you learn so it works in your own life.

This material is your vaccine against being manipulated by the relentless “manufacturing of consent” machine. It does this by providing you with a complete blueprint for creating sustainable happiness, and making a positive difference in the world, without sacrificing your health or accumulating unsustainable debt.

The dawn of the second decade of the 21st century is your time to take back your power. Not only for your sake, but in the end for the sake of us all. This material is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and others to kick off the new decade.

Order copies now. For yourself. For your loved ones. For your employees, managers and executives. For your students, clients or customers. For your religious, community service, or nonprofit organizations. For your leaders.

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Together we can take back our happiness, health, prosperity, patriotism and problem-solving from the manufacturers of consent. Here’s to your happiness, health and prosperity in the new decade!