The Hijacking of Patriotism, Governance & Freesponsibility

THE LIE That Hijacked Patriotism, Governance & Freesponsibility

It is ethical to manufacture support for a position using covert manipulation.

A titanic battle is under way for your loyalty. This battle cuts across the economic, political and religious spectrums. It has placed patriotism in service of something other than constitutional integrity.

  • Climate change regulation is unpatriotic.
  • Opposing climate change regulation is unpatriotic.
  • Preserving personal freedom is more patriotic than promoting the common good.
  • Promoting the common good is more important than preserving personal freedom.

It’s one or the other. You’re for me or against me. Polarization is king.

In today’s profoundly polarized political climate, patriotism has come to mean:

  • Opposing other political parties at all costs
  • Having the right to turn your religious beliefs or ideological agenda into the law of the land
  • Being entitled to be taken care of by the government so you don’t have to be self-responsible
  • Aggrandizing personal freedom in order to justify ignoring social responsibility
  • Believing that your country is entitled to have whatever it wants regardless of its impact on other countries

WHO BENEFITS From You Believing the Lie About Patriotism, Governance & Freesponsibility

Question #1: What function does polarization serve?
Answer #1: Polarization divides citizens against each other.

Question #2: Who most stands to gain from a divided citizenry?
Answer #2: Narcissistic businesses, special interests and ideological fanatics.

  • What is their tool of choice to get their way? The manufacturing of consent is used to manipulate disempowered citizens into believing that what will be done at their expense is actually good for them.
  • Those who manufacture consent suffer from Entitlement Disorder.
  • And they in turn unwittingly breed others to have it as well.

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THE TRUTH About Patriotism, Governance & Freesponsibility

Constitutional integrity plus integrated loyalty equals mature patriotism.

Constitutional Integrity

The opposite of narcissistic entitlement is self-responsibility and social responsibility.

  • Self-responsibility is the cornerstone of individual freedom. Social responsibility is the cornerstone of a society’s responsibility to safeguard the common good.

Freedom without responsibility is narcissism. Responsibility without freedom is slavery.

  • Freedom plus responsibility is mature patriotism. Also known as Freesponsibility.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The federal government is our servant, not our master.” The American government’s constitutional mandate, as put forth in its Mission Statement (i.e., the Constitution’s Preamble) is to be a servant to its citizens by functioning at the intersection of preserving individual freedom and promoting the common good. Functioning at the intersection of preserving individual freedom and promoting the common good is the constitutional mandate of all democracy-centered republics. It is Constitutional Integrity.

Integrated Loyalty

Integrated loyalty recognizes that being human means having many loyalties. This is why loyalty includes much more than only patriotism.

  • Integrated loyalty means your loyalty toward one person or group does not usually conflict with your loyalty to another.
  • When some of your loyalties are regularly in conflict with others, this means you have loyalty confusion. Either your vision of loyalty needs adjustment or your choices about who you are loyal to needs adjustment.

Combining constitutional integrity and integrated loyalty creates the kind of transformational patriotism needed for ending political polarization and the domination of narcissistic special interests in the media and government.

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CHANGING THE GAME: How to Take Patriotism, Governance & Freesponsibility Back

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