The 5 Big Lies

Manufactured Consent Has Manipulated You Into Believing the Five Biggest Lies of Our Time

The techniques Edward Bernays developed are the untold story behind why our society is in crisis. And the hidden reason why you are not succeeding at living the life you have been trying to create. The “manufacturing of consent” has manipulated you into embracing…

  1. A version of happiness that you cannot attain but that makes others rich while keeping you disempowered.
  2. A version of health that makes you sick and keeps you sick to make others rich.
  3. A version of prosperity that has perverted capitalism by putting you in debt and keeping you in debt to make others rich.
  4. A version of patriotism that divides citizens against each other so the misguided and the unscrupulous can retain, regain, and expand, their power.
  5. Problem-solving substitutes that prevent you from taking your power back and sabotage us from joining together to co-create sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.

The Darth Vader-like technique called Manufactured Consent is the secret reason our society has become profoundly unethical. It is why integrity deficits have become a widespread pandemic. It is why your search for happiness keeps falling short of your hopes and dreams. It is why health and prosperity remain elusive to you. And it is why you aren’t entirely sure what you can do to help turn our society around.

You have most likely sensed for a long time that something has gone wrong. Very wrong. In your life. In your community. In your workplace. In our economy. In our government. In our society. On our planet. But you’ve not quite been able to put your finger on the root cause of the problems you see.

That’s because society has been under a spell.

Four things keep us controlled by a spell:

  1. Not knowing we’re under one;
  2. Not knowing the anatomy of the spell so we can recognize when it’s being used;
  3. Not knowing who the spell serves;
  4. Not knowing a far more compelling alternative than the spell or having the skills to embody that alternative.

Helping you reclaim your power in ways that are as good for you as they are for society, is what this website is all about.

Now that you know a little bit about the spell (what you just read barely scratches the surface!) your next step is to discover the anatomy of how it works, the story behind how it got installed, and how to break free of it.