Take Back Your Power

Now is your time to take back your power.

  • Stop waiting for the government to start functioning properly (by the way, some politicians are trying to get this done!).
  • Stop waiting for unethical businesses that are attempting to control the social agenda to come to their senses or be brought down (by the way, there are more and more ethical businesses too!).
  • Stop waiting for the media to start telling it like it is (by the way, some members of the media are devoted to restoring authentic journalism!).

You can develop the empowerment skills you need without waiting for the government, businesses or the media to change first! You can become whole, complete, happy and ethical… no matter what forms and amounts of craziness are currently going on our society.

The first secret to succeeding is to stop being controlled by the powerful propaganda tactic that has been covertly manipulating our opinions each and every day for the past century.

This is your time, right now, today, to take charge of the five dimensions that covert manipulators have hijacked from our hands during the last hundred years. Five dimensions are your secret keys to making a far bigger difference in your quality of life, and the state of our world, than you ever knew how to do.

Those five dimensions are:

  1. Your happiness
  2. Your health
  3. Your prosperity
  4. Social responsibility/mature patriotism
  5. Collaborative problem-solving

These 5 key areas are the ones that the covert manipulators have hijacked from our hands over the past hundred years.

Now is the time to stop being manipulated. Not by complaining about or protesting what’s wrong. Not by waiting for leaders or businesses to change. That’s a victim’s game. Leaders who are dysfunctional and businesses that are sociopathic aren’t going to do that no matter how much you complain or protest or try to get them to see the light.

The masters of Manufactured Consent don’t want us to know that complaining, protesting and waiting for outside circumstances to change, keep them in control of us. They don’t want us to know that we can release ourselves from the “learned helplessness” that’s the cornerstone of the spell cast by Manufactured Consent no matter what they do or don’t do. They don’t want us to know that we can restore our own ethical personal power effectiveness whenever we decide we want to do that.

Mahatma Gandhi knew how to take back his power from the dark lords of Manufactured Consent, and to help others do so too. Martin Luther King knew how to do this. Nelson Mandela knew how to do this.

Now it’s time for you to know how to do this. You no longer need to wait for another Gandhi, King or Mandela to point the way before we can do this. The keys to succeeding have been hiding in plain sight all along.

What if you knew how to make yourself immune to the manufacturing of consent?  What if you could use your personal power effectively enough to create sustainable happiness, health and prosperity… with full integrity? What if you knew potent ways to help turn our society around in whatever ways you feel most called to have impact?

Would you do these things if you knew how? Of course you would. With all your heart.

How do you start? First, by realizing that you’ve been trained to give away your power. Second, by elevating your passion to take back your power. Third, by optimizing the skills that enable you to use your personal power in effective ethical ways.

Here is all the motivation you probably need to want to master these skills:

  1. Every single day, you and all of us are being fed very convincing lies about how to create sustainable happiness, health, and prosperity. In truth, these “manufactured consent” manipulation tactics have been making others rich while keeping you from attaining happiness, health and prosperity.
  2. Mature patriotism has been all-but-wiped out in our society by those whose power depends on a divided citizenry.
  3. Neither you nor almost anyone else has been trained in the only problem-solving strategies that create sustainable solutions. Why? Because these strategies would put the power back in your hands.

Now that you are seeing the parts of life to take back your power back, let me let you in on another secret:

  • The skills that make sustainable happiness, health, prosperity, patriotism and problem-solving possible are all learnable.
  • Mastering their power is within your reach.
  • These skills are the keys to Integrity Intelligence in the 21st century.