The Hijacking of Prosperity & Integrious Capitalism

THE LIE That Hijacked Your Prosperity & Integrious Capitalism

Prosperity requires excessive debt and sacrificing life balance & social responsibility.

  • The lies that hijacked your prosperity build on the happiness lie that the more you spend the happier you’ll become.
  • Here is our society’s faulty prosperity formula:
  1. Compromise your health and the love of your spouse and children in order to work yourself to the bone to make enough money to be a successful consumer.
  2. Don’t make enough money to consume enough to create “happiness.”
  3. The prosperity hijackers swoop in like vultures. They get your consent to willingly accumulate irresponsible amounts of debt. You use their loans to buy yourself the rest of the way into the faulty happiness formula the happiness hijackers sold you to begin with.
  4. You still don’t attain the sustainable happiness you were seeking. And now you’re prematurely aging. And your loved ones miss you because you’re over-worked and over-stressed. All as you continue trying to make enough money to make the faulty happiness formula work.
  5. Make no mistake about it: this system is NOT Capitalism even though that’s what it’s being called. In truth, it’s a completely different economic system. I call it Debtism: borrowning against an uncertain future in order to indulge an illusory lifestyle in the present. (True Collaborative Capitalism is, in my opinion, a psychologically healthy economic system, the essence of which is making mutually beneficial agreements about how we trade portions our life energy with one another.)

WHO BENEFITS From You Believing the Lies About Prosperity & Capitalism

Question #1: Who most stands to gain from you spending money you don’t have (i.e., accumulating excessive debt)
Question #2: Who most stands to gain from you sacrificing your health, life balance and financial security in order to spend money you don’t have?
Answer: The greed-addictied portions of the financial services industry, especially the sector that relies on your debt for their profits. They have hijacked your prosperity as an individual and our prosperity as a country. Think Bear Stearns, AIG, Lehman Brothers. But, this also includes much of the banking industry, from the Federal Reserve on down.
For more important additional details about the faulty prosperity formula and how “debtism” has replaced capitalism, click here.

For examples of how the manufacturing of consent has been used to get you to buy the prosperity lie, click here.

THE TRUTH About Prosperity & Capitalism

Ampleness plus financial independence equals sustainable prosperity.

  • “Ampleness” is the minimum income necessary to fulfill your mission as an individual, family, business or government. Your mission is your way of expressing 3D Happiness as an individual or as a business. (Information about a country’s mission is in the patriotism section.)
    • Individual ampleness means the minimum income you need to live reasonably comfortably.
    • Business ampleness means generating sufficient profits to cover costs and to build toward becoming able to pay the salaries you want to be able to pay your people.
    • Government ampleness means raising sufficient revenues to fund the minimum amount of programs necessary to fulfill the Constitution’s mandate that the government simultaneously preserve individual freedom and promote the common good.
  • “Financial independence” means eliminating irresponsible forms and varieties of debt and funding “ampleness” in self-responsible and socially responsible ways.
    • Individual financial independence means being able to pay for ampleness through passive and semi-passive streams of income, and without incurring irresponsible forms or amounts debt.
    • Business financial independence means being able to create ‘enoughness’ without sacrificing social responsibility, and without incurring irresponsible forms or amounts debt.
    • Government financial independence means ending government debt and maintaining a balanced budget that fulfills the Constitution’s mandate.

For more details about the financial independence, click here.

Taking your prosperity back from the prosperity hijackers means defining what ampleness means for you and then making financial independence your priority. Shoot for ampleness. Be grateful for more. Survive with “enoughness” if need be. But don’t sign up for stress because you settle for less than enough or because you become obsessed with having the most.

Click for the impact of prosperity lies and truths on individuals, businesses, and leaders during the second decade of the 21st century.

CHANGING THE GAME: How to Take Prosperity & Capitalism Back

Get Wise About How Your Prosperity & Capitalism Were Hijacked & About How to Upgrade Your Financial Intelligence

Consider Moving Your Bank Accounts to a Top Rated Community Bank or Credit Union

  • Want to start off the new decade by strengthening your financial security while sending a message to the Wall Street banks that helped create the financial meltdown? Until a major bank emerges as the authentic leader in restoring integrity to the banking industry, consider moving your bank accounts to a top-rated community bank in your area (or to a local credit union). Go to the following website, watch the brief video and then use the database to find the top rated community banks in your area. Also consider telling your municipal and state governments to switch over to using community banks too. You have far more power than you think. The most powerful way to create socially responsible capitalism is to vote with your wallet. Moving your accounts from Wall Street banks to community banks or credit unions is a powerful way to vote with your wallet. (Note: This might not be the best option for those who travel extensively but I think it’s a wise option for most of us to consider.)
    Here’s the link:

Develop Semi-Passive and Passive Streams of Income

  • With passive streams of income your money is your “employee.” Examples include financial instruments such as dividends and interest, and commerce instruments such as patent and product royalties.
  • With semi-passive streams of income your time is your “employee.” You leverage relatively small amounts of time into relatively large semi-automatic income streams. Examples include certain rental properties, franchising a business you developed, building a strong downline as a network marketing company distributor, and semi-automated internet mechansms for selling your own products or being an affiliate for someone who developed products.
  • Below are links to a couple of semi-passive income stream examples. These are network marketing opportunities I selected myself after much research. I selected them based on high company integrity, products that are truly of service to people, and level of semi-passive income potential. If you find either of these opportunities interesting you couldhave the opportunity to become one of mydownlines:
  • I will also soon be officially launching an affiliate program enabling you to make semi-passive income by selling my books and audios. When my affiliate program is completely set up you will find a live link to it here.
  • Utilize the self-help resource in the “Take Your Next Step” section below

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Sustainable happiness, including sustainable prosperity, is a learnable skill.

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