Manufactured Consent

“In almost every act of our lives we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

That was written by the most powerful man you’ve probably never heard of. Back in 1928. After he had been successfully pulling those wires for more than a decade.

His name was Edward Bernays. He was the nephew of the most famous psychologist of all time: Sigmund Freud. And he considered himself to be a proud American patriot.

The biggest reason Edward Bernays became the father of today’s public relations tactics is because he discovered how to use his uncle’s world-changing theories about the unconscious to manipulate the masses through what he called “Social Engineering” tactics.

Said another way, by tapping into the dark side of his uncle Sigmund’s discoveries, Edward Bernays became the Darth Vader of modern marketing.

Manufacturing Consent: The Dark Strategy That Has Been Secretly Manipulating You

Edward Bernays took the position that, again in his own words, “those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” He mastered that unseen mechanism. And placed it at the disposal of politicians, businesses, advertising agencies, and the mass media. At your expense.

Bernays called this mechanism “Manufacturing Consent:” manipulating us into supporting products, services, causes and candidates while believing we’re doing this through our own free will. The strategies Bernays developed reach deep into our unconscious minds to convince us that doing the manipulator’s bidding is in our own best interests. In other words, Manufactured Consent is the ultimate weapon of mass deception that we’ve been trained to accept as truth.

The Manufactured Consent strategies and tactics Edward Bernays developed proved wildly successful. He started proving that a century ago (beginning in 1916). By 1928 his propaganda tactics had become standard operating procedure in marketing and public relations in the United States, thanks in large part of the availability of Bernays’s first two published books. And one profoundly evil person outside the United States who got his hands on Bernays’s books ended up proving that his tactics were even more powerful than anyone had dreamed. These tactics were used to embed the 1950s version of the American Dream deeply in the psyche not only of Americans, but around the world.

These highly manipulative tactics have been proven to be so powerfully effective that they continue to be used to this day to manipulate the masses into buying products and services, supporting causes, special interests, public figures and policies, and virulently espousing ideological extremism. In short, Manufactured Consent is the engine that has been destroying self-responsibility, social responsibility, and the underpinnings of freedom.

Manufactured Consent Has Manipulated You Into Believing the Five Biggest Lies of Our Time

The techniques Edward Bernays developed are the untold story behind why our society is in crisis. And the hidden reason why you are not succeeding at living the life you have been trying to create. The “manufacturing of consent” has manipulated you into embracing…

  1. A version of happiness that you cannot attain but that makes others rich while keeping you disempowered.
  2. A version of health that makes you sick and keeps you sick to make others rich.
  3. A version of prosperity that has perverted capitalism by putting you in debt and keeping you in debt to make others rich.
  4. A version of patriotism that divides citizens against each other so the misguided and the unscrupulous can retain, regain, and expand, their power.
  5. Problem-solving substitutes that prevent you from taking your power back and sabotage us from joining together to co-create sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.


The Darth Vader-like technique called Manufactured Consent is the secret reason our society has become profoundly unethical. It is why integrity deficits have become a widespread pandemic. It is why your search for happiness keeps falling short of your hopes and dreams. It is why health and prosperity remain elusive to you. And it is why you aren’t entirely sure what you can do to help turn our society around.

You have sensed for a long time that something has gone wrong. Very wrong. In your life. In your community. In your workplace. In our economy. In our government. In our society. On our planet. But you’ve not quite been able to put your finger on the root cause of these problems.

That’s because society has been under a spell. Three things keep people controlled by a spell:

  1. Not knowing they’re under one;
  2. Not knowing the anatomy of the spell so they can recognize when it’s being used;
  3. Not knowing who the spell serves;

Now that you know a little bit about the spell (what you just read barely scratches the surface!) your next step is to discover the anatomy of how it works, the story behind how it got installed, and how to break free of it.

Helping you reclaim your power in ways that are as good for you as they are for society, is what this website is all about.