How to Easily Inform at Least 100 People About the Integrity Pledge

Reaching one hundred people might seem like a huge, insurmountable number but actually it’s not. You probably reach many more than that each week – or you easily could. Here are a dozen ways to do this, many of which you can do in a matter of minutes:

  1. Your Website: Place on the most popular pages of your website link or Integrity Pledge logo/badge on your website, along with a short note about the Integrity Pledge campaign to help spark an integrity revolution.
  2. Blurbs: If you publish or contribute to a print or online newsletter, e-zine, blog, or social networking website such as, make an announcement about this Integrity Pledge campaign there and include website. (Remember: that’s “.org” NOT “.com.”)
  3. E-mail Family, Friends and Colleagues: Send an e-mail to everyone in your e-mail address book suggesting that they visit and make the Pledge. Add a link to this Integrity Pledge campaign in your e-mail signature, such as “Have you signed the pledge to help spark an integrity revolution at I have!” (Again, remember: that’s “.org” NOT “.com.”)
  4. Online Discussions: If you participate in any online discussion lists or other people’s blogs, you probably reach far more than 100 each time you post.
  5. Post the Integrity Pledge: Print the Integrity Pledge and place it on the counter of your retail store or on a bulletin board at local grocery store, at your school or place of worship, or on a notice board at your professional office. Even only ten people see this each day, you will have reached 100 people in only ten days.
  6. Meeting Announcements: Ask for five minutes on the agenda when you go to meetings of civic groups (such as Rotary, Lions, Chamber of Commerce), professional associations, at your place of worship, or elsewhere. If 20 people attend on average, you can reach 100 people in just five meetings.
  7. Company Announcements: Send memos or e-mails about your participation – and your commitment to 3D Integrity – to all your employees, suppliers, and customers. Send out a press release announcing that your business or organization has signed the Integrity Pledge.
  8. Presentations: If you give public presentations, spend a couple of minutes discussing the worldwide crisis of lack of integrity and the Integrity Pledge.
  9. Call Radio Talk Shows: When you hear radio personalities and their guests discussing issues related to integrity, character or ethics call the listener call-in line and mention the Integrity Pledge website on the, that’s “.org” NOT “.com.”)
  10. Write a Letter to the Editor: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, and then send that same letter to the trade publications you read.
  11. Send a Flyer: If you send products, newsletters, or other items by mail, include a flyer about this Integrity Pledge campaign.
  12. Cash Register Receipts: If you can create customized messages on your cash register receipts, put a note about the Integrity Pledge and the URL to sign:, that’s “.org” NOT “.com.”)

One More Option: Another way to spread the word would be to purchase multiple copies of The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World to sell in your office or give away as gifts. If you purchase only four copies through this special private link you will get a 20+% discount. If you want to make a corporate or non-profit organization purchase of a large number of copies, please e-mail me to arrange an even greater discount plus the possibility of including your company’s or non-profit’s name on the book cover.

Do you now see how easy it can be to reach well over 100 people? If you come up with additional ideas for spreading the word, please e-mail me with your suggestions so I can add them to this list!