Six Benefits You Receive as an Integrity Pledge Signer

By David Gruder, Ph.D.

1. Impact: We all have three core drives: the drive to be authentic and real, the drive to have fulfilling connection with others and the drive to have a positive impact in the world. You have a remarkable opportunity to express your core drive to have a positive impact in the word through making a concrete commitment to taking specific actions to help spark the integrity revolution we collectively so desperately need. Joining the Integrity Pledge campaign gives you a powerful way to be at the forefront of a movement to restore integrity around the world by making a difference in your world.

Signing the Integrity Pledge…

  • Can increase your motivation to put your actions in alignment with your beliefs, which is one of the cornerstones of integrity.

  • Provides you with a way to participate in change throughout the world simply by having impact in your spheres of influence (while knowing that many other people are having similar impact in their spheres of influence).

  • Gives you something helpful to talk with others about when you hear them expressing distress about the lack of integrity and character that permeates today’s world. Having made the Integrity Pledge, you are in a position to talk about being part of a movement to help spark an integrity revolution… and to invite them to take the Integrity Pledge as well.

2. Belonging: Isolation is not good for us human beings. One of our three core drives is the drive for fulfilling connection with others. Signing the Integrity Pledge links you into a committed group of like-minded people who are passionate about helping to spark the integrity revolution we collective need to desperately today. As part of creating a sense of community that enables us to support one another in our common cause, pledge signers get access to my IntegrityWatch Blog, my Integrity Makeover Bulletin Board and my 3D Integrity Circles Bulletin Board.

3. Enhanced Appeal: Taking the Integrity Pledge can make you more attractive to existing or prospective social networking contacts, dates, partners, prospects, new customers, vendors, bosses, colleagues and organizations you might want to join. If you bring up the Integrity Pledge movement and this website when reporters interview you about other matters, this may help you parlay small stories into larger or more frequent ones because the media know that restoring a culture of integrity is newsworthy!

4. Credibility: You’re entitled to place the Integrity Pledge Seal on your website – this can enhance your site’s credibility and attractiveness to your visitors. Taking the Integrity Pledge shows your prospects that you and/or your company would rather do the right thing (and build customer relationships that last years) than burn people for a quick one-time buck. If a visitor or customer develops a problem, having the Integrity Pledge seal on your site may make her or him more likely to offer you a chance to make it right and less likely to go out and grumble to the world about having had a negative experience with you. When you “walk your talk,” you’ll create fans who enthusiastically recommend you to others. (But if you are not in fact embodying impeccable integrity, taking the Integrity Pledge will raise false expectations and hopes and your pledge will backfire on you.)

5. Increased Traffic & Sales: You’re entitled to place a link to your website on the Integrity Pledge website – this can help boost your site’s ratings in search engine listings (especially Google). Your “signature” on the Integrity Pledge website shows that you are truly dedicated to embodying integrity.

6. Discounts: Receive your copy of The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World for 20% off… and even more off the book if you also purchase its companion, The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook.

Note: To receive these benefits, sign the Integrity Pledge and display the Integrity Pledge logo on your website. To be eligible, your website must NOT contain pornography, hate speech, or other unacceptable content.