Read and Take The Integrity Pledge

Who Can Sign this Integrity Pledge? Absolutely anyone and hopefully everyone! Please read the pledge below and then click on the link beneath it to ‘sign’ the pledge.

The 3D Integrity Pledge

hereby choose to help spark an integrity revolution because I know that integrity matters today more than ever: to me, to those in my life and to the wellbeing of all of the collectives of which I am a part.
Therefore, I commit today, and every day from now on, to living in ever-increasing integrity with all three of myCore Drives:

  1. Personal Authenticity: being in integrity with who I truly am (self-integrity)
  2. Connection with others: being in integrity with those around me (relationship integrity)
  3. Having a positive Impact in the world: influencing the world around me for the better (societal integrity)
I embrace the key seven life skills (WisePassions) that make 3D Integrity possible, and will consistently upgrade them today and throughout the rest of my life:

  1. Teachability: I pledge to remain open to new ways of understanding and acting that can expand my capacity for authenticity, connection and impact… even if they are substantially different from my pre-existing beliefs and habits.
  2. Self-Care: I pledge to do what I must to maintain the life energy and organization I need each day to support all three of my core drives.
  3. Discernment: I pledge to become excellent at blending keen insight, good judgment and strong intuition so I can distinguish fact from spin. I pledge to become good at knowing what fits and doesn’t fit for me regardless of whether this is the same as or different from what may fit for others.
  4. Harvesting: I pledge to gather gifts from all of my life experiences, especially the ones I wasn’t expecting or wishing for, that help me become more authentic, more co-creative with others, and more compassionate in serving collective highest good.
  5. Power: I pledge to deeply embrace and express the light I carry, to honor my limits, and to become effective at manifesting my intentions.
  6. Synergy: I pledge to expand my capacity to treasure diversity and to compassionately co-create mutually respectful agreements and solutions with others.
  7. Stewardship: I pledge to learn how to co-discover with others what serves our collective highest good and to serve collective highest good each day, in small everyday ways, and in larger ways as opportunities arise, especially when no one notices.

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Privacy Note: We will not sell or give away the list of pledge-signers, for any reason. We will use the information only to follow up with you about how you’re doing with the pledge. Any e-mail we send to you will contain links to change your contact information or unsubscribe complete if you wish. This power always remains in your hands, which is where it belongs.

Sparking an integrity revolution is an idea whose time has come. If only 25,000 people from each country commit to spreading these ideas, this could well create the tipping point needed to change humanity’s relationship with integrity. That is because 25,000 people each reaching 100 others in their country, this will result in 2-1/2 million people in their country helping to spark an integrity revolution!

Doing your part to reach 100 people can be much easier than you may think. Especially because you will be contacting them about something they know in their heart is desperately needed today: sparking an integrity revolution. Click here for 12 easy ways you can do this.

These are the basic concepts. I explore them in more detail in my latest book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World and its accompanying volume, The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook. If you’d like a copy, I have kept the price of the The New IQ as low as possible in order to help you spread the message. But if you’re not a reader, you can still endorse the principles, and get friends, colleagues, and others involved with the campaign. Of course, I’m hoping that you will buy the book at the discounted price for pledge-signers because the reason I wrote it is to spread these ideas, and the book explains them much better than I can do on a web page. See for yourself by clicking here for book excerpts.

Please use this link to sign the pledge. You will be taken to a short questionnaire, where you’ll tell us how you plan to pass along the ideas in the book, and what commitment you will make. Once we receive your questionnaire, you’ll also receive a downloadable copy of the pledge in PDF format, suitable for hanging on the wall.

Part of integrity is following through with the commitments you make. So, we also ask you to agree to receive and respond to up to three commitment follow-up questionnaires over the next eight to twelve months.

Thank you so much. Together, we can spark the integrity revolution whose time has come.

David Gruder, Ph.D.
Author of 
The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World and its accompanying volume, The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook