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To add a link from your website to, you are welcome to cut and paste your choice of the links below. For the links to work properly, you will need to paste them into your source code editor, not your text editor.

Once you become an Integrity Pledge member, a private page will become available to you that contains your choice of two beautiful and credibility-building logos that you can place on your website. One says you are an Integrity Pledge member and the other says you signed the Integrity Pledge.

Below are three links you are welcome to include on any site on which you have the power to add a link but don’t have the authority to take the Pledge on behalf of the organization that owns the website.

 Link Option #1

What is truly good for you is good for us all. Step out and help spark the integrity revolution we all need by signing the Integrity Pledge


 Link Option #2 

PREVENT ANOTHER AIG. Help spark the integrity revolution that is needed to create the solutions we so desperately need in our relationships, our communities, our society, our economy, and our planet. The time has come to reconnect the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, profitability and social responsibility. You can help it happen. Click here and sign the Integrity Pledge


Link Option #3