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Will You Help Spark an Integrity Revolution?

  • We live in an era of unprecedented lack of integrity that prevents solutions to all of our collective problems while also interfering with our ability to attain a deeper sense of personal fulfillment.

  • To create the motivation to turn this around our understanding of integrity must now become more deeply personal and more profoundly practical than it has ever been.

  • The key to making integrity personal and practical is understanding the three core drives we all have: 1) The drive for personalauthenticity; 2) The drive for fulfilling connection with others; and 3) The drive to have a positive impact in our world. Only when we honor all three drives in ourselves can we feel whole and complete. Attaining life fulfillment requires living at the intersection of our three core drives.

  • Integrity is not a one-dimensional notion; it is not a mix and match proposition. Our authenticity core drive translates into self-integrity. Our connection core drive translates into relationship integrity. Our impact core drive translates into societal integrity (also called collective integrity). True integrity requires living at the intersection of all three of these aspects of three-dimensional integrity.

  • This is why life fulfillment and integrity are inseparable. For this reason, I invite you to join me in taking a pledge to live the intersection among your three core drives (authenticity, connection and impact). This is what makes 3D Integrity possible. It is what makes life fulfillment possible. This is what reconnects the dots between integrity, life fulfillment, love, profitabilty and social responsibility.

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Why You Matter

The biggest change of all – the one that can affect all levels of life, from our individual wellbeing to our relationships to our communities to our culture to international relations – is to transform integrity from a vague, abstract and ideologically limited concept into a concrete, practical and universal set of actions that all of us can take every day of our lives. As mentioned in the section above, understanding integrity in the context of our three core drives (authenticity, connection and impact) makes this possible.

You are a leader for one simple reason: all of us are role-modeling something in everything we do, even if no one else is around. For instance, every time one of us parks over the line in a parking spot we are role-modeling to all the strangers who try to park in the spot next to us that it’s okay not to care about collective highest good. We and they will never meet and yet our actions still have role-modeled something to them.

Here are just a couple of examples of everyday integrity:

  • Making sure you get enough sleep, exercise and the kind of food that truly nourishes your body’s wellbeing
  • Remaining true to the commitments you make to others
  • Speaking up about social issues — privately with friends and publicly as a citizen and consumer

For more examples of various forms integrity (and lack of it), visit the IntegrityWatch Blog.

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If even 25,000 of us, from everyday people to world leaders, join together in an intention to spark an integrity revolution, we will finally become able to co-create sustainable solutions to today’s most important issues. Once a critical mass of people embraces that integrity and fulfillment are inseparable, and that solving the many problems with which we are faced today requires a new vision of integrity, humanity will have entered its next major era of evolution.

As Shel Horowitz, author of Principled Profit, and founder of, wrote:

Society changes when enough people decide that something is seriously wrong…and when they feel empowered to do something about it. In my own lifetime, we’ve seen critical masses arise and succeed, over and over. For example:

  • Blacks and whites joined together to desegregate the southern United States

  • People’s movements tore down the Berlin Wall and the entire network of totalitarian Soviet governments

  • South Africa peacefully threw off the shackles of apartheid and freed Nelson Mandela from prison to be its first democratically elected President

All of these struggles started with a few people, but spiraled outward to become an unstoppable movement for justice once enough people started to believe and to act. Ordinary people in Montgomery, in Gdansk, in Soweto, in so many other places, decided that things had to change—and they changed!

Very few of us are usually in a position to have a profound impact on the world stage. But every one of us can have a huge impact in our everyday world. The more of us who are dedicated to sparking an integrity revolution in our daily life, the more rapidly society will enter the new era of integrity that we as a society so deeply need today. Starting with you.

Take the Integrity PledgeIf Not Now, When?

I urge you to commit today to doing this. Read and make the Integrity Pledge now — click on this sentence. Then embody and spread it in your world. If you want assistance in completing your own personal customized Integrity Pledge, go to and read the Plan for some great ideas. If you want a complete step-by-step road map for integrity-centered living, working, loving, and serving, get the five-award-winning book, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World, and its companion workbook, The New IQ Integrity Makeover Workbook at

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 The call for
an irrevocable commitment
comes but a few times
in your life.
How you respond
determines how
shallow or how deep
you become.

Don Jones