Video of Dr. Gruder’s “Hijacking of Health” Keynote Slides

Hi, 2014 HTP Worldwide Conference attendee!

You’ll find below a video containing the slides from the “Hijacking of Health” keynote I gave at the 2014 Healing Touch Worldwide Conference in Chicago, IL.

I agreed at the end of my keynote to provide it as a gift to the HTP community. I ask you to remember that these slides are copyrighted intellectual property that I use as part of making a living. You’ll recall that in return for my making these slides available, those who attended my keynote committed to limiting their use of this for personal purposes only. All other uses, such as but not limited to using this material professionally (beyond conventional standards of attribution when citing source material), are prohibited unless I (David Gruder) provide you with written permission on behalf of Integrity Culture Systems before you use it for the approved purpose. (If you’re interested in using this material in some way, feel free to contact me via this website’s contact page (clicking on that link opens a new window).

  • This video does not have a sound track. You can get the audio of my keynote through the company that recorded the HTP Worldwide Conference. Contact HTP for that information.
  • You can pause, forward or rewind this video by clicking on it. After you resume the video, the controls should disappear after a few seconds.

ALSO: This is the website I mentioned during my keynote that I was going to be developing into a FREE membership program. It’s still in its initial stages, but when I’m finished building it, you’ll be part of a passionately engaged community of citizens, helping professionals, businesses and leaders, who are committed to getting free from the hijacking of happiness, health, prosperity and governance, and reclaiming their power, personally, professionally, and socially. I do hope you’ll join me. Again, membership is absolutely free because I’ve dedicated this website to creating a community of people who, like me, are passionate about upgrading our society in collaborative, post-partisan ways — through whatever activities are a right fit for you.

I hope you’ll complete the registration form below right now so you can gain access to the rest of what’s already on this site, about the hijacking of happiness, health, prosperity, patriotism, and problem-solving… and how you can reclaim your power!

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As a matter of integrity, you can be certain that this website, and your contact information, is designed as a “spam-free zone.” What this means to you in particular is that Integrity Culture Systems (my company) never sell, rent or loan your contact information to third parties.

Lastly, I hope you’ll consider engaging me to provide one of my “Hijacking Of” keynotes or training programs:

  • If you’re wanting me to give a keynote, please contact my speaker agent, Kristin Haggar, at (opens a new window).
  • If you’re wanting to produce one of my training programs, please message me through this website’s contact page (clicking on that link opens a new window).

No matter what, I do hope you’ll continue interacting with me (and others of like mind, heart and spirit) through this website, as together we co-create NextGen Integrative Health & Wellbeing by helping our clients end the “learned helplessness” they’ve been programmed into, so they can free themselves from the illness creation & symptom control industries that have been hijacking their health.

Much Gratitude & Many Blessings,

David Gruder