Your Happiness, Health, Prosperity & Patriotism Have Been Hijacked!

Are You Ready to Take Them Back?

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I believe that more profound change is in the process of occurring at this time than in the past 100 years, or perhaps even 2000 years. We are at a point in human history when fully integrating our personal wellbeing and social responsibility has become more important than ever. For the sake of our individual freedom & happiness AND for the sake of our collective wellbeing & sustainability. This integration is in the process of occurring on what way well be a broader scale than we’ve never seen before in the history of humanity.

Are you ready to thrive in this new world? Or will you become one of the many casualties who continues to merely ‘get by’… unhappily, ill, isolated, and barely making ends meet? To quote from the classic song by John Cougar Mellencamp, “The Ballad of Jack & Diane,” it’s time to move far beyond the notion that “life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.” When the thrill of living is gone, real life grinds to a halt . Giving up our thrill of living is no longer acceptable. It doesn’t serve you, those you care about, or the world.

Now is the time to discover how YOU can create sustainable happiness, health, love and abundance by expanding your personal authenticity, integrity, and social responsibility in ways you may not have known were possible. Watch my TEDx Talk on this below to get started.

Here’s What’s Been Hijacked…

  • Integrity
  • Happiness
  • Health & Healthcare
  • Prosperity/Money/Capitalism
  • Business
  • Marketing/Sales/PR
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Governance
  • Problem-Solving
  • Spirituality
  • The Original American Dream (in Contrast to the 1950s American “Dream” That Continues to Destroy Us)

The Four Most Important Things You Can Do for Yourself & Us All at This Time

Integrity Culture Systems | Dr. David Gruder
Integrity Culture Systems from Dr. David Gruder
  1. Stop being controlled by Manufactured Consent: the amazingly widespread and dangerously powerful propaganda ploy that has covertly manipulated public opinion every day since it started being used in 1916. Manufactured Consent is the engine behind “The Master Spell That Binds Us all™.” You are about to discover how this tactic works, who developed it, and how it has controlled you. But most importantly you’re about to gain access to simple ways you can finally take back your power.
  2. Take charge of the key ingredients in The Thrill of Living that will make the biggest difference in your life and our world in the 21st century. These include your happiness, health, and financial wellbeing, plus the impact you have on the world around you. Each of these key ingredients in The Thrill of Living formula have been hijacked over the past hundred years by the “manufacturers of consent.” If you’re ready to get them back into your own hands where they belong, you’ve come to the right place.
  3. Stop waiting for the economy, businesses, the government, or other people, to change first before you can be happy, whole and complete. Because waiting for the outside to change will cause you to be yet another casualty in the changes that are now unfolding. You are about to discover how to become the change you want to see in the world without having to wait for the world to change first.
  4. Infuse the changes you make into your own spheres of influence — the parts of the world around you that you have the most passion to have the most positive impact. Bring these changes into your workplace and your communities. Infuse them into your families and your places of worship. Teach them to the next generation as part of authentic education and responsible journalism. Elect leaders who embody these key qualities and require the leaders you support to make changes that support these qualities. Create a mutual support system to support you in infusing these changes into your world.

Together we will take back our happiness, health, prosperity, governance and problem-solving from the Darth Vader-like manufacturers of consent. Here’s to your happiness, health and prosperity in the 21st century! And here’s to you doing whatever you feel called to do to help us restore mature patriotism, social responsibility and sustainable problem-solving in your country and on our planet.

Once you read the material on this website, I am confident that you will become as deeply passionate about doing all these things as I am. And I am equally confident that you’ll want to upgrade your mastery of the skills that will empower you to do these things. Skills you’ve most likely sought but never found.

Here are some steps you can take next:

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  • Email this page to 5 people who mean the most to you, AND to the 3 most influential people you know.
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Thanks for being an Integrity Spark,
Dr. David Gruder, PhD
President of Integrity Culture Systems™
Founder of the Integritize America Plan™

PS: Contact me to explore engaging me to provide one of my “The Hijacking Of…” Keynotes &/or Training Programs, such as “The Hijacking of…

  • Integrity (and How to Reclaim Yours)
  • Happiness (and How to Reclaim Yours)
  • Health (and How to Reclaim Yours)
  • Healthcare (and How to Reclaim Your Power as a Healthcare Professional)
  • Prosperity/Money/Capitalism (and How to Reclaim It for Yourself or as a Financial Services Professional)
  • Business (and How to Make Integrity Profitable)
  • Marketing/Sales/PR (and How to Replace Manufactured Consent Marketing with Informed Consent Marketing)
  • Journalism (and How to Restore It)
  • Education (and How to Restructure It to Build Happiness, Health, Prosperity, Freedom & Social Responsibility)
  • Patriotism/Citizenship/Governance (and How to Restore the Guiding Principles Set Forth in the Constitution)
  • The Original American Dream (in Contrast to the 1950s American “Dream” That Continues to Destroy Us)
  • Social Change (and How to Get Free of Learned Helplessness or Ineffective Protesting & Really Make a Difference)

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